We have closed the online registration. If you would still like to attend, walkins at the event welcome! PLEASE NOTE: You may pay with CASH ONLY at the door.

Los Altos High School Class of 1963
50 Year Reunion!


Dear Classmates,

We have officially achieved a life milestone in arriving at our 50th year since graduation from Los Altos High School.  Time sure does fly.  For many of us the last 50 years has meant many changes; paths we never expected to take and exciting life experiences.  For others, we may be right where we thought we would be.  Wherever you are, whatever you have done, at some point in time you have thought back on some of those formative years at Los Altos.

Think about the changes that have occurred around us for the past 50 years; it is sometimes mind-boggling.  Some of those changes have been engineered by some of you.  The changes in technology, medicine, research, law, economics, politics, architecture, teaching, raising a family---many of us have been at the heart of these changes.

When we graduated JFK was president, Neil Armstrong had not even reached the Moon, the Beatles were just making their mark, the Vietnam War had not even started and personal computing devices and cell phones were thought to be all the way out to 1984.  We have seen a lot.

We have reached a point now in our lives where it would be nice to catch up with those with whom we have lost contact.  Maybe rekindle a lost friendship or make a new one. Here is your chance.  The Reunion Committee for Los Altos High School KNIGHTS Class of 1963 invites to the 50 Year Reunion.  The date for the reunion is October26, 2013.  It is bound to be loads of fun!


Your Class of 1963 Reunion Committee        Steve Sanford
                                                              Len Robinson
                                                              Louise Elliott Marks
                                                              Bruce Kahn
                                                              Terry Stengele
                          (and Honorary Member)    Janice Sexton